Cover Reveal for Little Mouse

I’m very pleased to introduce the cover for my next book project! Little Mouse Finds a Friend, by Jeni Leidenfrost, is slated to be published at the end of August by Jovial Press. After several years of tweaking the text and painting and painting (and repainting), Jeni and I are excited to get Little Mouse and his family and friends into your hands. Keep an eye out for more announcements in September!

Little Mouse Finds a Friend cover White_SM_no boarder.jpg

Final page: the Atlas moth and caterpillar

I’ve finished painting the illustration for the final page of the upcoming book, Little Mouse Finds a Friend, by Jeni Leidenfrost. This will be a fun story with some very cool information about Atlas caterpillars and moths, a gargantuan branch of the insect family well worth getting to know.

atlas moth and cat_sm
Atlas moth and caterpillar