inktober 2017

Inktober is a fun, world wide art challenge where artists do a different ink drawing every single day of October. That’s 31 drawings in 31 days! There is an official prompt list, if you need a little inspiration on what to draw. There’s also an official Twitter account that posts some of the best #inktober drawings.

It’s a good way for me to keep drawing, especially in the middle of a busy coaching season! (It’s my 23rd season coaching volleyball at a little classical Christian school in my hometown).

I’ll spend as little as two minutes on a drawing and always less than an hour. Some were drawn with ball point pen on a bumpy bus ride! And at least one was a desperate scribble before falling into bed after a long day. But it keeps the artist juices flowing!

Here are a few samples of my #inktober offerings, but you can see all of them on my Twitter and Instagram feeds or my Facebook page.

Take A Look Sunday – Jessica Linn Evans

A big thank you to Chris Tugeau and Christy Tugeau Ewers for taking the time to give feedback on these illustrations. And thank you to Kathleen Temean for posting. I found this article long after it was posted, but the information is still extremely helpful. These illustrations are both in the upcoming book, Little Mouse Finds A Friend, by Jeni Leidenfrost, (Jovial Press), to be released November 1st.

Writing and Illustrating

cattagueatksLittleMouseCaterpillarCHRISTY: Immediately, I am drawn to the perspective used in both of these. The artist’s use of foreground/middle ground/background gives both of these illustrations an interesting dimension. More elements are revealed the longer the viewer looks at the image, which I really like.

This little mouse character is adorable (I like his hat!) and his subtle expressions are sweet. I think mice have less “finger-like” paws than he seems to have, and his feet/back paws are a little creepy, but it’s understood that he’s anthropomorphic, so it could work.

I have a few questions that may make these images a little more clear. One, is the caterpillar hiding behind that leaf? It appears as though the mouse can see him, given the look on his face, but the way the leaf is, it would block his view of the caterpillar. If the artist intended for the caterpillar to be hiding…

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