Jessica Linn Evans was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest where she grew up into a love of the outdoors and fairy stories. She graduated from the University of Idaho with a BFA in Studio Arts. After many years in the role of Art Director/Graphic Designer, she moved forward full-time with her passion for illustrating and writing books for children, creating whimsical characters and settings, emphasizing the wonder of God’s world. She creates all her illustrations with traditional mediums: watercolor, graphite, and ink. She also writes fairytales and folktales for children and continues to sharpen her author/illustrator pencil at her SCBWI writer and illustrator groups. Jessica resides in Idaho with her husband and four delightful children.

See this lovely article by Shelle Lenssen on GoIdaho.com featuring Jessica’s illustration and her vision for children’s literature.

Illustrator/Author statement:

When I paint, I strive to amplify the wonder of creation and awaken an awareness in children of the every day miracles in the world around them.

I also write. Mostly fairy tales, because that’s what I love. They clearly portray good and evil. They help kids name the dragon in their own lives and teach them how to kill it. Besides that, who couldn’t use a little more magic?

Stories are food for children. They need stories to grow up properly. And you are what you eat, right? So I strive to serve up good meals. But nutritious doesn’t have to be boring! …And I’m not into skipping dessert.

Photo by Shelle Lenssen

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  1. I love your portrait of Lenny Jordan. You captured his spirit in the picture. I would love a portrait of my husband, Frank. What would you need, picture wise, and dollars.
    Thank you for your time. I am on face book if you want to see a picture of my Frank
    Delta Culhane

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