Redeeming the time

Be wise with your time. Instead of being on your smartphone while you wait, do something productive. You never know how much time you have.

While I was waiting for my car to be serviced yesterday, I started sketching a bird from a photo taken by my talented friend Hannah (you can find some of her beautiful photography here). As I say, I started sketching, but as time went on and my car wasn’t finished, I kept refining the sketch. Soon the sketch graduated to the status of ‘drawing.’ By the time I got home I was able to put in about 20 more minutes to finish it up. Then I slapped it in a frame and Shazam! Wall art!

I think I’ll offer it for sale at the Artwalk in my town this weekend. If no one buys it, I like it well enough that I’ll put it on my own wall.

So there you go. Time not wasted.IMG_4730


Framed and ready!

I’ve got my illustrations framed and ready to display at the 13th annual Artwalk 2017 in Moscow, Idaho. My work will be displayed at New Saint Andrews College, where I’ll be participating in a live artist event. I will be joining other artists at NSA, painting during the opening reception June 16, starting at 5 pm.

Join us!IMG_4704

Thank you Franklin Elementary!

This Friday, I spent a lovely morning with the approximately 75 third-graders of Franklin Elementary during their library time. The students had already gone through a series of projects and lessons planned and organized by Franklin’s Rock Star Librarian (the principal’s own words, and I agree!) about the genres and production of books. They had created some wonderful book covers for one of their projects. The students had intelligent questions and demonstrated well the book knowledge they acquired.  I told them about my own processes for creating characters and illustrating stories and really enjoyed my time.

Thank you Franklin Elementary for the wonderful visit!Franklin Elementary 2017.jpg

Cover Reveal for Little Mouse

I’m very pleased to introduce the cover for my next book project! Little Mouse Finds a Friend, by Jeni Leidenfrost, is slated to be published at the end of August by Jovial Press. After several years of tweaking the text and painting and painting (and repainting), Jeni and I are excited to get Little Mouse and his family and friends into your hands. Keep an eye out for more announcements in September!

Little Mouse Finds a Friend cover White_SM_no boarder.jpg

Final page: the Atlas moth and caterpillar

I’ve finished painting the illustration for the final page of the upcoming book, Little Mouse Finds a Friend, by Jeni Leidenfrost. This will be a fun story with some very cool information about Atlas caterpillars and moths, a gargantuan branch of the insect family well worth getting to know.

atlas moth and cat_sm
Atlas moth and caterpillar

Signs of spring

I want it to be spring. I really do. Where I live, our winter was full of deep snow, then some melting, then some ice, then snow on top of ice, then several people I know breaking arms. Seriously. About three. (Okay, technically that’s ‘a few’ and not ‘several’)


So here’s some signs of spring painted by myself, soon to appear in a picture book by Jeni Leidenfrost: Little Mouse Finds a Friend. It’s a sweet little story. But what I like most about it right now, is that there’s a lot of green in it. And not so very much of the white stuff…

Why can’t Little Mouse find Caterpillar?

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