I painted this promotional piece for an Inland Northwest SCBWI event.


A few illustrations from my newest book, Waiting through Winter, by Jason Farley.

Yawning Bear
Hibernating Bear
Hibernating Bear
Chickadee and snowdrops
Chickadee and snowdrops

Polar bear from upcoming book Solar the Polar, by Kim Constantinesco (author at Purpose 2 Play) and published by Maclaren-Cochrane Publishing. (Release date 12/5/17).


Vignettes from upcoming book, Little Mouse Finds a Friend, by Jeni Leidenfrost.

Images from a first draft of Little Mouse.

Little Mouse finds a friend
Little Mouse finds a friend
Little Mouse, under tulip tree, spies a cocoon, watercolor
Little Mouse spies a cocoon

The Narnia books by C.S. Lewis have always been a favorite.

Lucy and Aslan
Lucy and Aslan

Study for a fairy tale in progress.

2015-08-31 13:32
Gathering firewood

Gnarly, twisted trees are a favorite subject matter.

Sunny Seas
Sunny Seas

Androcles and the Lion, a classic story, has often been intertwined with the Aesop’s fable the Lion and the Mouse. Here it is portrayed in a graphite rendering.


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