Kidney Infection — A One Star Review

I cannot recommend a kidney infection.  And do not understand a certain affection       For ailments with titles familiar and plain.  Wouldn’t you rather an “impingement syndrome”  than plain “tendinitis” (which sounds quite humdrum)      or “contusion” than “bruise” (which is simply mundane). But this hackneyed disorder (back to my point) Brings an ache and a tormentContinue reading “Kidney Infection — A One Star Review”

Writing Critique groups— Receiving (and giving) feedback

Being in a writing critique group for the first time can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be if you’re prepared. Here are a few tips on giving and receiving feedback from other authors. Receiving feedback: When someone offers you feedback, you should think “bring it on!” every time. Because either the criticism willContinue reading “Writing Critique groups— Receiving (and giving) feedback”

Deep Thoughts: The Hero of Your own Story

You know that book you love? Remember that evil character in it that you really despise? Do they think they are the bad character? No. They do not see themselves as the heartless tyrant, the slinking coward, the greedy manipulator, the guilt-ridden critic, or even the plucky sidekick. Everyone is the HERO of their ownContinue reading “Deep Thoughts: The Hero of Your own Story”