What People Are Saying About Penguin Sets Sail

“The pleasing sequencing in Penguin Sets Sail will have children readily interpreting the pictures, making connections to the story and the characters. This picture book is an excellent choice for any young storyteller or story time listener.” – The Children’s Book Review “ Penguin Sets Sale is a sweet story of exploration and friendship, of imagination and the hopes of home.” -S. D.Continue reading “What People Are Saying About Penguin Sets Sail

Illustration process: First steps

One of the first things I do when illustrating a book is to draw up or print out a storyboard. This is an outstanding tool for planning out illustrations! Here I make chicken-scratch thumbnail sketches and map out the emotional arc of the manuscript. Once I establish the emotion I want each illustration to portrayContinue reading “Illustration process: First steps”

Kidney Infection — A One Star Review

I cannot recommend a kidney infection.  And do not understand a certain affection       For ailments with titles familiar and plain.  Wouldn’t you rather an “impingement syndrome”  than plain “tendinitis” (which sounds quite humdrum)      or “contusion” than “bruise” (which is simply mundane). But this hackneyed disorder (back to my point) Brings an ache and a tormentContinue reading “Kidney Infection — A One Star Review”

Writing Critique groups— Receiving (and giving) feedback

Being in a writing critique group for the first time can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be if you’re prepared. Here are a few tips on giving and receiving feedback from other authors. Receiving feedback: When someone offers you feedback, you should think “bring it on!” every time. Because either the criticism willContinue reading “Writing Critique groups— Receiving (and giving) feedback”