Penguin Sets Sail

What Eric Fan thinks of Penguin Sets Sail

Penguin doesn’t care about fish; he wants to be a sea captain. A wordless picture book about friendship, chasing dreams, and the value of home.

The Elk King: Tales from Animalia Book One

By Jenn Discher, Illustrated by Jessica Linn Evans (2022)

Watercolor Elk King Cover_flat

Elk Prince Draven will inherit the throne of peaceful, prosperous Glenariff much sooner than he’d like. He doubts he’d make a very good king and just wants a normal life. But in Glenariff, no Elk is normal. All are bound to the magical source of the herd’s strength. Like many, Draven has forgotten the old tales—and old enemies.

As Draven makes plans to escape royal life, a deadly sickness sweeps the kingdom. Rumors of enemies and traitors abound. With the king distracted by secret troubles, the Elk stand to lose everything, including their very lives.

To save the kingdom, Draven must face what he has long feared and new terrors he couldn’t have imagined. But first, he must remember the old tales—before it’s too late.

This middle-grade novel is available at

Little Mouse Finds a Friend

By Jeni Leidenfrost, Illustrated by Jessica Linn Evans

Little Mouse Finds a Friend cover White_SM

Little Mouse has three sisters who are too busy to play outside with him today. If only he had a friend or even a cool pet like his neighbor Buddy has, life would be great! When Little Mouse stumbles into Caterpillar, he immediately adopts the new pet friend into his life. They do everything together, until one day Caterpillar disappears. Join Little Mouse as he learns about the life cycles of both relationships and caterpillars.

Available at and Etsy.

Solar the Polar

By Kim Constantinesco, Illustrated By Jessica Evans (MacLaren-Cochrane, 2017)


Solar the Polar is a fun winter romp about a snowboarding polar bear and a skier girl who is missing her legs below the knee. This tale gives a gentle nod to Arctic warming, snow safety, and enjoying life with a disability. Winter is no time to hibernate, so go for a ride with the polar inside. Order at Amazon. Also available in Dyslexic font at Amazon.

Waiting through Winter

By Jason Farley, Illustrated by Jessica Linn Evans (Jovial Press, 2015)

Waiting through Winter

The animals are preparing to hibernate. The bear has been building up his fur, the squirrels have been gathering nuts in their home, and the birds are buckling down for a cold winter. And they are all willing to wait because they are all looking forward to the day when spring breaks. Jason Farley’s poem, accompanied by the beautiful pen and watercolor illustrations of Jessica Linn Evans, shows a bear, a family of squirrels, and birds that all trust that Spring will come after winter.

Available at and Jovial Press.


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