What Eric Fan thinks of Penguin Set’s Sail

“I’ve always loved penguins, and sea voyages, and I loved this book! A delightfully illustrated wordless story that says a lot with a little: the value of curiosity over complacency, the joy of travel and the friendships we forge along the way; how new experiences enrich and change us, so that when we finally return home we’re not quite the same person (or penguin) we were before we left.”

—Eric Fan

Eric Fan is an award-winning author/illustrator. He and his brother Terry have illustrated a number of enchanting books, including Ocean Meets Sky. I’m so honored that a creator of such magical stories thinks well of something I’ve made.

Ocean Meets Sky is everything that I’ve yearned for in a picture book since I was a kid. Finn, the main character, goes on a fantastic oceanic journey after the loss of his grandfather, a seasoned sailor. The illustrations are dreamy, especially the image of Finn sailing at night above his giant fish-companion and several enormous glowing jellyfish. My dad was a shell-collector, sub-mariner, and teller of tall tales. The whole book brought back good memories of him. 

I’d like to think that Penguin and Finn from Eric’s book will meet on the open waters someday. I believe they’d be friends.

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