Redeeming the time

Be wise with your time. Instead of being on your smartphone while you wait, do something productive. You never know how much time you have.

While I was waiting for my car to be serviced yesterday, I started sketching a bird from a photo taken by my talented friend Hannah (you can find some of her beautiful photography here). As I say, I started sketching, but as time went on and my car wasn’t finished, I kept refining the sketch. Soon the sketch graduated to the status of ‘drawing.’ By the time I got home I was able to put in about 20 more minutes to finish it up. Then I slapped it in a frame and Shazam! Wall art!

I think I’ll offer it for sale at the Artwalk in my town this weekend. If no one buys it, I like it well enough that I’ll put it on my own wall.

So there you go. Time not wasted.IMG_4730

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