Vote for your favorite #inktober

UPDATE: We have a winner! Katie Dw has won an Alpaca print. Congratulations, Katie!

Put your votes in the “Leave a Reply” window below. I will randomly pick a winner from the replies and send the winner a signed print of the piece they voted for! Voting ends on November 30.


25 thoughts on “Vote for your favorite #inktober

  1. If I can only choose one, then the one that pops out to me most today is the alpaca. I might give a different answer tomorrow, though!

  2. “Shy” gets my vote. I think the turtle that’s hiding his head from the world perfectly represents the introvert nature.

  3. I like so many! I am going to miss seeing a new sketch pop up on my FB feed. “Run”is my favorite. I would frame it and give it to my grandson.

  4. Love your creatures- the alpaca is my favourite – he’s up to something… And the twinkle in his eye tells the story.

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