Little Mouse goes to Haiti

My friend Ryan goes to Haiti on a regular basis to an island that does not have electricity or running water and helps the children and animals there. She travels down and gives the children and livestock immunization shots and has been instrumental in helping build a school on the island. Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere. The Haitians rely heavily on their livestock to accomplish daily tasks. A 90 lb. donkey will carry 120 lbs. of water up hill from the river to the village. The saddles used on these donkeys are very primitive and most of the donkeys have terrible saddle sores that often get infected. Ryan treats the wounds and helps to guard the animals against infection. She is an incredible lady!

She always takes down care packages to the children donated by local philanthropists. And this year she also took copies of Little Mouse Finds A Friend to share with the children. So Little Mouse has gone international and I couldn’t be happier about where he’s landed. Thank you Ryan for all you do.

And Little Mouse thanks you too!

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